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Sleepy Owl - DECAF Colombia

Sleepy Owl - DECAF Colombia

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This is yet another EA(Sugar Cane) decaf coffee from Huila, Colombia that we have purchased from Cafe Imports and the reason is simple: These coffees DO NOT taste decaffeinated! We have many customers that are unable to drink caffeine for a multitude of reasons and they continue to echo the same response. We are just so grateful that these coffees continue to be accessible for us to share with you

What's in the cup? This coffee is slightly more traditional than our last Sleepy Owl and the balance is real. We taste Chocolate Malt and Graham Cracker in this lovely, everyday drinker. Drip coffee, espresso or even cold brew, you will enjoy this one while also avoiding the anxiety that may come with a regular cup of joe!

Many customers ask us what E.A Decaffeination is and you can click here to learn more about this process. This process occurs before we receive the coffee and is a natural process that maintains the great qualities of the coffee but allows for the decaffeination to occur. Try out the coffee and you will be convinced!

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