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Sleepy Owl 2.0 - DECAF Colombia

Sleepy Owl 2.0 - DECAF Colombia

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Another great Decaf from the Huila region in Colombia and we think you will love it! We continue to source these Colombia EA Decaf coffees as it is quite difficult to tell that they are actually decaffeinated. 

What's in the cup? This Decaf is quite a tasty cup and we tasted graham cracker, lemon and cocoa. It is a very balanced up with nice acidity and roasted medium/dark to really round out the sweetness. Great for late nights and those that want great coffee minus the caffeine. 

Many customers ask us what E.A Decaffeination is and you can click here to learn more about this process. This process occurs before we receive the coffee and is a natural process that maintains the great qualities of the coffee but allows for the decaffeination to occur. Try out the coffee and you will be convinced!

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