Mango Juice

This beauty has been our most popular natural processed coffee for some time. Worka Sakaro is a famous washing station from the Guji region of Ethiopia and they know how to process delcious coffees. Mango, blood orange and hibiscus make this a must have for your coffee stash!


Passion for Coffee

Here at Otus Coffee Co., coffee is more than just a way to get your daily dose of caffeine. To us, each cup is a journey that connects us on a global level. Take flight with Otus Coffee Co. and be a part of the adventure.

  • A single coffee bean can take up to four years from being planted to making it into a cup. We believe the story behind each cup should be celebrated. 

  • The beans we use are carefully selected and responsibly sourced from coffee farms all around the world. 

  • Once we source coffee from a unique geographic region, we meticulously roast each bean to its own optimum profile.

  • From every bean to every cup, we take care through the whole process to produce a delicious product. 


Become a part of The Otus Coffee Family and our growing list of coffee partners. We offer a unique list of delicious coffees that are always evolving to help you reach your coffee goals. Contact us today to learn how to tap into our unique coffee list, equipment sourcing, coffee education and network of amazing coffee professionals.


Otus Coffee at Home

Enjoy all of our delicious coffees at home, office or wherever you drink your coffee by taking a look at our offerings. All coffees are available to ship or pickup from The Nest!


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