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Otus Coffee began with a vision to sell delicious specialty coffee and to give back in some way to every farm they sourced coffee from. Many coffees farms today are paid very low wages which puts an immense pressure on the farmers to even keep the farms open. With this vision, Otus Coffee seeks to provide some of the most interesting and groundbreaking coffees from all over the world.

Our first direct relationship was established in October of 2019. It can be difficult for small coffee companies like ourselves to buy direct for all coffee offerings but as we grow, this will change. 

Please check out the video below from our first direct farm relationship which is located in the New Oriente region of Guatemala, Bethel Farm. Bethel recently cut ties with some large coffee companies as the price they demanded was just too low. The result of such low prices was a very low quality of life for the farmers and their workers. The Bethel farm is now selling all over the United States to small and medium size coffee companies.

We proudly donate $1 for every bag we sell directly to the Bethel farm and hope all of our products can give back in some way soon. 

-Glen and Jaclyn Turchin