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Wings - A Modern Espresso blend

Wings - A Modern Espresso blend

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The Otus Modern Espresso blend has FINALLY arrived! We have been working hard on creating this cup since this past summer and we are so excited to share! This espresso is meant for the adventurous while still maintaining a great body for milk and other fat based drinks. A washed coffee from Colombia and a natural processed coffee from Ethiopia creates an espresso that will make you rethink what espresso can be.  

What’s in the cup? Fresh chocolate sweetness carries through the entire cup with a heavy, syrupy body which is rounded off nicely with fresh blueberry and raspberry acidityIf we were to describe this espresso in one word, it would be JUICY. Great for espresso and a solid drip coffee as well.

Varietal: Caturra, heirloom

Process: Washed, natural