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Uraga Yabitu - Ethiopia *WINGSPAN*

Uraga Yabitu - Ethiopia *WINGSPAN*

Yet another Wingspan has hit the table and it's a special one! This fully traceable washed Ethiopia coffee was grown at 2,200 Meters above sea level. Why is that important? Altitude plays a huge role in coffee density. The denser the coffee, the slower the rates of maturation and the higher chance the coffee with have natural sweetness and acidity.

This coffee is admittedly the most challenging coffee we have had to roast. There is such a fine line with this coffee on under-developing or over-roasting. Falling short of the goal and a vegetal note comes through which nobody wants in their cup. Over shooting the goal and the floral notes disappeared. Once we hit that fine line of perfection however, a very special cup of coffee displayed itself.

What’s in the cup? The aroma on the this cup is full of jasmine florals and rose water. On your first sip, you'll notice a very delicate floral aspect and the cup resembles earl grey or black tea. For a light roast, this coffee may be the sweetest coffee we have ever had and once you finish the cup you'll be wanting another. We hope you enjoy this one, especially on a Pour-Over.

  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Process: Washed