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Otus Coffee

Mapache Estate - El Salvador

Mapache Estate - El Salvador

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The third round of sourcing the estate coffee from Mapache Coffee is here and it holds a special place in our coffee lineup. We have worked with their coffees since 2020 and have thoroughly enjoyed every coffee they have produced. They do such a great job from growing to processing and there is the reason why this coffee is a fan favorite!

You can check our their Instagram here that shows the beauty of their production.

What’s in the cup? This coffee is big and bodied with milk chocolate, baking spice and a light citrus finish. This is the coffee you want if you like a big and robust cup that holds up well to milk and sugar. Great for espresso, drip, French press and even a nice cold brew. Cheers!

Varietal: Bourbon & Pacas

Process: Washed

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