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Tarrazu Tirra - Costa Rica Honey Process

Tarrazu Tirra - Costa Rica Honey Process

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We have sourced several coffees from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica over the years and have never been let down! This is a "yellow honey" process which basically explains the way the coffee was fermented. 

Honey Process brief overview: Once the ripe coffee cherries are harvested, only the skin is removed and the seed is then allowed to dry in the remaining honey-like, fruit mucilage. This creates unique flavors in the coffee due the fermentation that occurs over time. The "Yellow" in Yellow honey process refers to the amount of time the fermentation was allowed to take place. Yellow being the shortest in the honey process with red and black referring to much longer time spent drying and fermenting. Therefore, a yellow honey usually has a much less syrupy body than the other, longer fermentations which makes this cup very drinkable!

What’s in the cup? We found Apricot & Sugar Cookie with an overall soft and mellow body. Not much complexity here which makes this a great medium/light roast for those who don't enjoy the brightness and acidity that usually comes along with a lighter roast! Cheers!

Varietal: Caturra, Catuai

Process: Yellow Honey

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