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Tarrazu La Pastora - Costa Rica

Tarrazu La Pastora - Costa Rica

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Costa Rica has been really great to us over the years and has provided us with such a wide variety of coffees. The one coffee that has been extremely consistent that we have sourced annually for 4 years now is this crop from the CoopeTarrazu cooperative. This coffee is on the brighter side of a medium roast but it seems to be what the aspiring coffee drink loves to enjoy. 

What’s in the cup? This coffee is bright yet balanced and we found notes of Melon, Brown Sugar and Peach. This is yet another versatile coffee that works quite well in just about any brew method. Although an enjoyable cup in many different ways, we believe it to be the most enjoyable as a single origin espresso! 

Roast Level: 3/5 (Medium)

Varietal: Caturra, Catai

Process: Washed

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