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Otus Coffee

Nyeri Hill - Kenya

Nyeri Hill - Kenya

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What’s in the cup? Kenyan coffees tend to have heavy mouthfeel and strong complexities and this coffee definitely hits that mark. At a medium roast, we found this washed coffee showcased its origin but also brought forward some fruited and exciting tasting notes. We found Lime, Hibiscus, Brown Sugar and Orange Citrus in this coffee and although they are not extreme tasting notes that cover the cup alone, they do accent it quite well as a balanced and enjoyable cup!

About this coffee: Being one of the first coffee farms established in Eastern Africa, Nyeri Hill is quite a unique coffee estate. The focus within the estate is on growing and processing beautiful coffees while also ensuring the program is sustainable long term on an environmental and social foundation. Along with its profits it supports academic development, professional growth and community healthcare of the surrounding communities. It is fair to say that the Nyeri Hill Estate aims to fit the niche of producing high quality coffees while ensuring that they provide their people with the highest quality of life. This is the second time we have sourced this coffee and we are more than proud to bring it back!

Roast Level: Medium

Varietal: SL28, SL34 & Riuru 11

Process: Washed

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