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Natural Finca Medina - Guatemala

Natural Finca Medina - Guatemala

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What’s in the cup? Cherry coke, concord grape and dark berries fill this cup with complexity and natural fruited elements. 

  • Varietal: Bourbon, Marsellesa
  • Process: Natural

Natural processed coffees are really what started us down the coffee roasting path four years ago. The natural fruited elements in these coffees provide such a complex and exciting cup that we had to understand how this occurred.

If you didn't know, coffee beans grow in cherries on a coffee tree. Once harvested, the coffees beans are normally separated immediately from the cherry to expedite the process of farm to cup. With a natural, the coffee bean remains in the cherry and is dried on a drying bed for up to 90 days. Fermentation plays a big part in all of coffee processing, but naturals really take the use of it to the next level. It is this method that creates a complex and fruited cup and this coffee is just the epitome of that. If you enjoy the wild side of coffee, we know you will enjoy this one!