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Otus Coffee

Las Mercedes - Huila, Colombia by KWC

Las Mercedes - Huila, Colombia by KWC

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This is one of two of the first coffees we have sourced from our friends over at KWC Sourcing! KWC or "Know Where Coffee" is dedicated to helping roasting companies like us source coffee directly in a sustainable way. They focus on supporting small-holder farms and source unique and delicious coffees that are quite unique. 

We contracted a very small amount of this coffee so if you enjoy Honey processed coffees, please be sure to grab your bag quick! 

What’s in the cup? As a Honey Process coffee, this coffee is juicy and tart. We found strawberry and raspberry, especially when pulling as an espresso. We roasted this coffee to a medium/light roast to ensure to preserve the beautiful attributes of this coffee. This coffee shines as a pour-over or single origin espresso. Enjoy!

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Honey Process

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