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Kilimanjaro Estate - Tanzania - Peaberry

Kilimanjaro Estate - Tanzania - Peaberry

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Our first Tanzania coffee has hit our offering list and it's a very tasty and versatile coffee! This is a Peaberry coffee and that simply means that instead of there being two beans inside each coffee cherry during growth, there is actually only one bean. This creates a very circular shaped and smaller coffee bean along with a very different approach to roasting.

What's in the cup? 

This tasty coffee has a very smooth milk chocolate note up front with light cinnamon spice that is quite soft and mellow. It then finishes with a balanced acidity and snappiness that reminds us of stone fruit and more specifically fresh peach. This rounds the cup out very nicely and this coffee will be a hit for a range of coffee drinkers!

  • Varietal: KP, N39, Batian
  • Process: Washed