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Kayanza Gahahe - Burundi *Wingspan*

Kayanza Gahahe - Burundi *Wingspan*

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Our next Burundi and *Wingspan* coffee has arrived and it does not disappoint! We have sourced three different Burundi coffees over the past year and we plan to have one on our list at all times going forward.

What’s in the cup?

As a light roast, this coffee has a pleasing sweetness that runs through the entire cup. Notes that range from bergamot orange, cranberry juice and even jasmine floral, this coffee is SURE to please any light roast fan. There is a black tea finish once the cup cools that really holds up the body of this coffee. This makes the Gahahe very nice for everything from pour-over to drip to a French press. Cheers!

  • Varietal: Bourbon
  • Process: Honeyed