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Julio Arevalo - Junín, Peru

Julio Arevalo - Junín, Peru

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Julio Arevalo is the producer on this gem from Junín, Peru! We haven't had a coffee offering from Peru in over 3 years and we are loving the return with this beautiful natural processed coffee. This is yet another coffee that we sourced responsibly from our friends over at Yellow Rooster Coffee. Joel and his team do an incredible job creating valuable relationships with all farms they work with. We are proud to call them a coffee sourcing partner. 

What’s in the cup? We roasted this coffee to light/medium roast to ensure we made the fruited berry and soft lemon notes the star of the show! The brightness of this cup is then followed by a rich milk chocolate finish to really round out the cup. Although it works well for a variety of brew methods, we loved it as a pour-over via the V60 brewer. Good luck drinking only one cup of this delicious coffee!

Varietal: Pache, Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Process: Natural

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