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Jose Giraldo - El Diamante, Colombia

Jose Giraldo - El Diamante, Colombia

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Another absolute BOMB is back from our friend and producer Jose Giraldo! Named "Pink 120" due to the varietal being a Pink Bourbon and a total fermentation time of 120 hours. Not to mention this coffee also has a primary tasting note of Pink Lemonade!

Mr. Giraldo sourced this coffee from the Finca El Diamante which is quite a distance from the La Clarita processing station. La Clarita is where Jose and team conduct most of their fermentations that create such wild and impactful flavors in their coffee. This coffee went through an anaerobic fermentation and was then washed and dried when around a 10.5% moisture level. They were then vacuumed sealed and sent to our good friends at Yellow Rooster where we scooped up a bag. 

What’s in the cup? When brewing in a variety of brew methods, we were able to find Pink Lemonade, tons of Rosemary and remnants of Peach/Nectarine. The cup is wild yet balanced and makes for a great drip coffee or pour-over. The brave and adventurous will pull this shot on espresso and find endless amounts of adventure in the cup that will make you feeling Pink. Please enjoy with friends!

Roast Level: Medium/Light

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Process: Anaerobic Washed

Producer: Jose Giraldo via La Clarita Processing Station

Importer: Yellow Rooster

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