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Finca Medina, Guatemala - Anaerobic Natural

Finca Medina, Guatemala - Anaerobic Natural

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Finca Medina was founded in 1842 and is situated on the outskirts of Antigua, Guatemala in the foothills of the Agua volcano. We have sourced several coffees from this farm before and they have brought us another juicy cup! This Anaerobic Natural is more on the approachable side of this processing method but still packs a punch. Finca Medina is know for everything from washed to naturals and this is just another prime example. 

What’s in the cup? We found notes of Strawberry, Grape Soda, Raspberry and Brownies! A great cup as a pour-over or drip coffee that really provides soft and round balance up front with a fun grape like acidity on the finish. This coffee is meant for those that enjoy the more wilder-side of coffee processing! 

Roast Level: Medium/Light

Varietal: Bourbon, Marsellesa

Process: Anaerobic Natural

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