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Fabio Araujo Reis - Brazil

Fabio Araujo Reis - Brazil

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Alright, to be honest we have had many Brazil coffees before but just never loved one enough to release it as a single origin. The Brazil coffees that we have had access to in the past just always tasted like straight peanuts and didn't seem unique.

Well friends, this coffee is different! This is our first official Brazil coffee and we know you will love it!

What's in the cup?

This cup is round, very sweet and full with flavor calls that remind us of roasted hazelnuts, milk chocolate with a brown sugar sweetness. There is also a slight nuttiness to the cup that actually provides a great complexity. This coffee is great for all coffee drinkers as it is quite drinkable and does great as a drip brew, French press and pour-over. Enjoy our first Brazil Peaberry!

Process: Natural

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon