Ethiopia - Suke Quto Daannisa *Wingspan* (12oz)

Ethiopia - Suke Quto Daannisa *Wingspan* (12oz)

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WINGSPAN RELEASE: Ethiopia Suke Quto Daannisa -

What’s in the cup? This light/medium roast is dominated by dried blueberry and dark chocolate. Once this coffee is ground, we get an aroma of dark cherry, strawberry, cocoa and a bit of spice. The combination of berry and chocolate really make this a special, complex cup that is drinkable and balanced for a dry processed coffee. We are quite excited to share!

This is our second release of our Wingspan Series. The goal of the Wingspan series is to introduce higher end coffees to our coffee community. We aspire to provide some of the most special and unique coffees from around the world and we want you to join us on this flight!

There are only 30 bags available for this first release. 

  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Process: Dry
  • Altitude: 1900 - 2100 meters