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Otus Coffee

Edwin Noreña - Campo Hermoso Farm, Colombia

Edwin Noreña - Campo Hermoso Farm, Colombia

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Say Hello to the most experimental coffee that we have sourced yet! Edwin Noreña is truly dedicated to his craft and this coffee is proof. This is a natural processed coffee where citra hops and other yeasts were used to create a very unique and delicious coffee experience. 

What’s in the cup? The aroma of the bag of beans for this coffee is honestly a wild sensory experience in itself. When brewed, this coffee is blazing with flavors and acidity that remind us of a Hazy IPA, Rosé and Jasmine. The coffee is so complex that we bet you'll be able to find your own slate of tasting notes when you brew it up. Limited quantities on this one so make sure you grab one for yourself soon. 

Varietal: Bourbon 

Process: Yeast & Hops Inoculation, Natural

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