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Edwin Norena - Black Honey Sidra

Edwin Norena - Black Honey Sidra

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Another coffee from our friend Edwin has arrived! If you have tasted any of the IPA Process coffees that we have sourced over the years, then you know just how wildly delicious his coffees can be. Although this coffee is quite different than the IPA process coffees, it is unique in its own adventurous way and should not be missed! 

What’s in the cup? This coffee in particular is a black honey process which means it was fermented extensively and has quite the fruit forward notes. We found blackberry and blueberry with an aroma reminds us of fruity pebbles. This coffee is a Sidra varietal which is know for its heavy lavender-like notes. All we can think of when we grind, brew and drink this coffee is blue fruit and purple flowers with lingering sweetness on the finish.

This is a very limited lot and won't last long! Cheers!

Producer: Edwin Noreña

Farm: Finca Campo Hermoso

Region: Circasia, Quindío

Roast Level: 2/5

Varietal: Sidra

Process: Black Honey

Elevation: 1550-1600 MASL

A note from Yellow Rooster about their relationship with Edwin:

Our sourcing partner in Colombia, Manuel Barbosa began talking to us in late 2020 about a guy he went to school with growing up. “He’s working on some really incredible stuff” said Manuel, “I hope you guys like what we send.” Well, “like” was an understatement. What we tasted on the cupping table that day amounted to a paradigm shift — flavors we never perceived or thought possible in coffee jumped off the table. And they weren’t one-trick ponies — these coffee had it all: Aroma, body, sweetness, balance, acidity, fruit, florals… you name it. You see, Edwin is a life-long,third-generation coffee grower, a trained agronomist & agroindustrial engineer, consultant, Q-Grader and Cup of Excellence judge. His coffees represent an intense pursuit of flavor based upon knowledge, experience and years of trial and error. Since our first import of Edwin’s coffees in January 2021, we’ve had the pleasure of representing his expertise to roasters across the USA and New Zealand, and are grateful he entrusted Manuel (and us!) with his life’s pursuit.

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