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Otus Coffee

El Dulce - Finca La Ermita, Colombia

El Dulce - Finca La Ermita, Colombia

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Another gem from our friends over at Yellow Rooster has landed at The Nest! We tasted this coffee when Joel and Jose Giraldo came to visit us and our minds were blown at the sweetness that this cup contained. Not only was the coffee sweet but it had this delicious snappy acidity that rounded out the cup on the finish. I(Glen) can confidently say that this coffee is one of the most unique yet drinkable washed coffees we have sourced yet.

What’s in the cup? We roasted this coffee to what we consider a true medium roast. This profile preserved all the sweetness we initially tasted in the cup but there is still a brightness on the finish that balances it all out. We found Honey, Starfruit, Green Apple & Apricot in this coffee but we are sure there is more to explore here. Cheers!

Varietal: Caturra, Castillo

Process: Washed

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