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Otus Coffee

Carlos Roldan - Finca Siquem, Guatemala

Carlos Roldan - Finca Siquem, Guatemala

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This unique coffee came to us through our lovely relationship with Joel and team at Yellow Rooster. We continue to be impressed by the quality of coffees they source as well as the strong and meaningful relationships they maintain at origin. 

Carlos Roldan is the producer on this delcious coffee from Finca Siquem, Guatemala. His talent and commitment is clearly on display here and we are excited to source more from him in the near future!

What’s in the cup? Up front, this coffee explodes with dark, rich chocolate notes that remind us of a double chocolate cake. It makes you think that you are drinking a delicious washed coffee similar to Night Owl. At the end of the first sip however, you are reminded that this is a natural processed coffee as a hint of red cherries hit you on the finish. A very unique cup that is a great for those who are interested in exploring natural processed coffees!

Varietal: Pacamara 

Process: Natural

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