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Blackberry Smash - Worka Sakaro, Ethiopia

Blackberry Smash - Worka Sakaro, Ethiopia

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Yet another wildly beautiful coffee from the Worka Sakaro washing station is here which is located in the Gedio Zone of Ethiopia. The coffees used in this lot came from over 400 smallholder farmers that grow their coffee north of 2,000 Meters above sea level. As a normal natural processed coffee, the ripe cherries are harvested and then dried on raised beds for up to 21 days. Once the coffee cherries are fully dried they are then milled, dried and then stored before the final magic happens. 
Anaerobic processing in this description follows a similar suit to others that we have offered before. The coffee is placed in plastic bags and filled with CO2 and nitrogen to remove oxygen(aka anaerobic fermentation). They are monitored over the following 7 days as they ferment further adding wild complexities to the coffee. Once they reach the desired color and pH levels, they are removed from the bags to go through final drying process. 

What’s in the cup? This cup is complex and quite reminiscent of the past two years(Berrier & Cream, Mango Juice). We found a wild array of tasting notes consisting on Blackberry Jam, Hibiscus, Lime, Dark Cherry and Acai! This coffee performed best for us as a  drip coffee or pour-over brew method, but feel free to explore with this one! 

Roast Level: Medium/Light

Varietal: Kumie, Diga, Wilsho

Process: Anaerobic Natural

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