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Otus Coffee

Bethel Farm, Medium Roast

Bethel Farm, Medium Roast

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The Bethel Farm makes a triumphant return to our offerings after a 2 year hiatus! If you were with us in the early years, you may remember that this coffee was a staple for us for some time. We now have a fresh lot from our friends at The Bethel Farm and we know it's going to be popular! 

We roasted this coffee at two different profiles and have them both available for purchase! For the dark roast profile, click here.

What’s in the cup? This medium roast shines as your everyday cup with a strong milk chocolate body and a light citrus finish. A great drip coffee or French press that holds up very well to any milk or sugar you may enjoy with your coffee. Cheers!

Varietal: Typical, Bourbon

Process: Washed

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