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Otus Coffee

Bethel Farm, Dark Roast

Bethel Farm, Dark Roast

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Dark Roast fans rejoice as our first ever true dark roast has landed! Unlike most of the dark roasts in the coffee industry, we used a quality coffee to create this delicious cup. We also did not burn the coffee to be able to simply call it a dark roast but rather found a roast level that will please dark roast fans and still showcase the coffee itself. 

We roasted this coffee at two different profiles and have them both available for purchase! For the medium roast profile, click here.

What’s in the cup? This coffee is deliciously bold with dark chocolate, caramel and full bodied. This coffee is built to be a darker espresso or a drip coffee for those who enjoy a bolder cup of joe!

Varietal: Typical, Bourbon

Process: Washed

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