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Otus Cold Brew - Reserve

Otus Cold Brew - Reserve

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A limited number of Cold Brew Reserve growlers are back! The aroma of this brew is just popping with dark berry notes. As you take your first sip, blueberries and raspberry notes explode upfront. This is then followed by a semi-sweet chocolate note that makes you believe you may actually be eating chocolate covered blueberries. There is also a slight floral berry note in the cup that displays itself at times to create a very complex yet delicious cold brew.

This Reserve was brewed with an Ethiopia from the Hambela Goro region. This is a dry processed coffee which means the coffee was left in the cherry after being harvested which is where a majority of that fruity pop comes from. We developed this coffee a bit longer than we may have if we were to sell it by the bag but that is what creates that chocolate accent in the finish.

Although this is not a blend like our Cold Brew Classic, this brew is still refreshingly bold and brewed for Florida!

Delivery to limited Winter Garden area, pickup from all other locations.